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Our clients come to us with unique workflow and client engagement challenges and we deliver efficient software solutions, purpose built.

In today's disruptive and cloud native landscape, your software must be built to adapt, just like your business is.  Not only do you need compatible code that talks to legacy systems, you also need specialised talent — people in Perth with the full-stack experience to deliver what you envision.

At Discovery we pride ourselves in solving intractable business problems in creative and pragmatic ways.  We specialise in designing and engineering custom software solutions to address the specific requirements of your new workflows, operations, and business.

With Discovery’s team, design and engineering experience in Perth, we can demonstrate how bespoke software can often reach more people in different geographies, leverage back offices, licenses, and infrastructure, monetise or modernise legacy or offline assets, and process more with fewer resources.

Why Discovery

We have been developing custom software in Perth since 2013 delivering award winning platforms for start-ups, enterprise and multinational listed corporates.

We leverage the power of our experience with data, algorithms and strategic cloud computing to help customers produce new business and workflow tools. 

We recognise that our clients have an intimate understanding of their own concepts, businesses and challenges.  We complement their insights by listening and analysing – we are good at listening. And only then do we offer access to some of the best software and database architecture, engineering, design, quality assurance, and project delivery expertise.

Our experienced technology professionals have completed more than 200 projects, and we continue to develop our expertise.

Our Application Development Services

Discovery Applications Development helps our clients – private businesses, enterprise, and government to integrate custom digital tools and software across their portfolio through research, design, and implementation.

Custom Application Engineering. We are focussed on custom software and cloud native development to create bespoke systems and experiences for our clients’ internal stakeholders and customers. 

Application Modernisation. Transforming your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient through the power of new tech stacks and the cloud.  We help clients update their applications by focusing on your priorities, and making sure your system architecture, tech-stack and integrations work seamlessly.

Cloud Native. At Discovery we have a cloud-native pedigree.  We create applications with the cloud specifically in mind rather than repurposing legacy architectures.  Maximise the most efficient delivery platform, the cloud, with Discovery.

Data Management/Database Development. On the back of our advanced domain expertise, our team delivers professionally tailored database solutions that will keep your data clean, organised, secure, and easily accessible for authorised users, and from multiple devices.

DevOps. The line between IT and software development continues to blur away as infrastructure becomes software and software becomes infrastructure. Discovery DevOps helps to unify development and operations end-to-end with new applications, or through our application modernisation services.

Intelligent Testing. Development turnaround times are getting shorter, and businesses are adopting DevOps and agile approaches, meaning plenty of room for error.  Our end to end testing approach and services will ensure your software’s integrity, on a development basis, as a code review, or as a service.

UI/UX Design and Experience. Discovery Digital’s in-house design and UI/UX team deliver intuitivedesigns time after time, bringing client projects to life.  Practice makes perfect and our team canconvert the most complex briefing into digital interface art.

Mobile App Development

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Custom Software Development

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Software Integration

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Code Reviews (Technical DD)

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Projects and PoCs

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Our Capabilities


Legacy transfer or cloud native, Discovery partners with the leading cloud vendors and data centers to deploy vanilla and hybrid solutions, including big data.

Enterprise Applications

End to end managed application services, support, and upgrading. Clients focus on their core business and we manage their applications, onshore, nearshore or hybrid.

Data and Analytics

We develop, maintain and implement sophisticated database systems, analytics solutions, big-data systems, and machine learning, AI.

Application Development

Where unique applications are required for specific workflows, we design and implement custom applications across web, desktop and mobile.

Integration and APIs

We bridge the gaps between various software applications to enable data to flow freely, and to ensure different platforms can talk, legacy or cloud.

Mobility and Devices

Our Digital team and designers work together to design, develop, and then scale high-quality mobile apps in a cost-effective manner on all platforms.


Discovery partners with, and maintains implementation expertise for leading technology vendors like Oracle, Zebra, Hikvision and others.


We are experts at rapid design and development of projects and prototypes. We have supported award winning platforms and understand innovation.


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