Code Reviews (Technical Due Dilligence)

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If you are considering an investment in a tech or software dependent company, need to verify the work of your software developer, or just check the software that you are already working with, it’s best to avoid surprises with a code review by Discovery.

Discovery can undertake an objective high-level, or detailed code-review process. Through a combination of manual and automated processes, our software engineers and software architects can determine whether the code delivers what it should now, and whether it will in the future.

We can work to your requirements or construct a specific review program for you. A typical review may include:

  • Code reliability, process quality and maintainability - a review of the appropriateness of the architecture, selection and use of proprietary or open source technology stacks and the application’s ability to scale alongside growth in user adoption or expansion in functionality;
  • Start-up software development plan validation - a review of the software development plan and how it aligns to growth and potential financing drawdowns/ or delivery milestones;
  • Open source licensing - open source software can have limitations on its use in a proprietary product, so we identify, list, and assess open source exposure and dependency risks;
  • Third-party platform dependencies - we assess if the software has an over-dependence on a third-party proprietary platform and consider, whether the product is more of a value-added reseller. The assessment may include interviews with a technology platform partner if there is tight integration with the third-party platform.
  • Information security and compliance - an assessment of the software or application’s approach to security, covering threats from both external and internal sources, access and permission management, approach to application and network penetration testing and compliance with any requisite industry standards.
  • Performance - your application or software may not be performing as expected, not scaling, crashing, or is buggy. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference when trying to track down the issue.

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