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Harnessing the power of digital to drive transformational change in the developing world

Overview - Digital for Development

Digital technologies - mobility, social media, analytics, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and identity and security technologies can reinvent the work, innovation, and impact of international development providers, organisations and programs. 

When people, devices and data are connected in meaningful ways, the sky’s the limit on what can be achieved. Yet true digital transformation depends on the ability to link digital technologies to one another and to the broader objective, to organisation and program goals, business and operating models, partnerships, and most importantly, to the ultimate beneficiaries. 

Digital is an enabler. It must be designed around people, services and the local environment to extend the reach of programs, increase efficiency, and gain better insights. This is how digital technologies can transform field staff experiences; engage clients, beneficiaries and donors in new and creative ways; empower decision makers and communities themselves with real-time insights; accelerate local innovation; and touch lives across the developing world.

Why Discovery

Development organisations must identify where, when, and how to best use digital technologies to address pressing challenges and deliver impact at scale.

Our team at Discovery has over seventy years of combined in-country experience working in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. We invite International Development consultants, specialists and practitioners to work with us and benefit from our unique international and digital project expertise.  

Working together, we will help international development organisations assess their project’s digital potential and help bring life to new solutions for their program challenges from offices in Australia and South East Asia.

Specific Services

Discovery International Development helps our clients - private program practitioners, governments, and NGO’s to integrate digital tools and approaches across their portfolio through research, design, and implementation.

Digital Assessments and Strategies. Discovery can assess your program and make recommendations for how you can leverage digital tools or approaches to improve your development impact and enhance relationships with sponsors and stakeholders. 

Digital Applications, Databases and Software. From mobile applications, distributed ledgers, databases, and payments to machine learning, computer vision, and RFID systems, our team builds cutting-edge, user-centred digital applications. 

Payments. Digital wallets, settlements, QR codes, in-app payments, messaging and payments. 

Mobility, Internet of Things and Face Recognition. Tapping into distributed connected devices, cameras, RFID labels and accompanying hand-held scanners, to transform physical to digital and data. 

Analytics.  Using data insights, dashboards and predictive modelling to improve resource use, understand program data better and improve performance. 

Digital identity and security. Protecting organisations, supporters and beneficiaries from security and identity vulnerabilities, building confidence in and use of digital solutions. 

Discovery Adheres to the Principles for Digital Development

For any digital international development project, Discovery will adhere to the Principles for Digital Development, a set of guidelines for digital in international development projects, relevant principles throughout any digital project process.

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