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Mobile Application Development in Perth

Clients, stakeholders and workforces are never far from a mobile device, and these devices have never been more powerful.  At Discovery in Perth we believe in connected experiences, and deliver solutions to streamline processes, enable employees and teams, and help you to engage with more customers and users than ever before.

Harnessing the power of mobile successfully can catapult your business into a digital world that knows no boundaries.

Discovery has been building apps in Perth since 2013.  Our first products were for mobile, and we can guide you through the development process and drive real success across phones, tablets, web, wearables, and IoT.

We’re iOS andAndroid experts and use dynamic platforms to build hybrid mobile applications where it matches the client’s needs.  This hybrid approach enables us to build multi platform (usable on iOS and Android) applications quickly.  Sometimes we apply all three platforms, where there is a combined tablet and handphone technology suite.

Our experience allows us to advise our clients on the best technology to fit their requirements, design a flawless, fast and intuitive experience, and build the best possible mobile application solution.

Android Application Development

More than 70% of the world’s mobile phone users are on Android. It’s the core global mobile platform yet developing an app for Android can be a challenging task given the breadth of devices and versions.

It’s important to hire an experienced team to tackle Android’s challenges and ensure that your native app is built on a solid foundation.

Discovery can help tackle the challenges that come with Android’s breadth of functionality and our app designers in Perth gets the best out of Android’s distinct aesthetic and interaction model.  We are experts in creating eye catching apps that leverage Google’s Material Design aesthetic.  We understand how to develop an Android app that runs flawlessly across different versions of the Android SDK, matching the user experience to your iOS app.

If your company is looking to develop your application for both Android and iOS, we can even stagger development between the two platforms so that one of them is being tweaked and refined ahead of the other. This saves companies time and money because we can perfect the first platform, then apply the changes to the trailing application.

Discovery has been building Android apps for our clients since 2013 and our Jakarta office is right in the heartland of one of the world’s largest Android user markets, Indonesia. We know Android.

iOS Application Development

Discovery has the capability to unlock the power of the Apple platform to enable a wide range of mobile experiences.

Our iPhone app developers in Perth can assist you in every phase of iPhone and iPad app development, simplifying the complex software development process so your team has more time to focus on your own business.  From fleshing out an idea to submitting a finalised mobile application into the iTunes app store (and getting it approved), we have the experience to build your dream app on-budget and on-schedule.

We have the technical expertise to execute almost any idea on iOS.  We can help you reach new clients and markets, empower employees to work from any location with productivity and collaboration apps, or simply to keep ahead of the competition as they roll out new technology solutions.

Creating a seamless and crash-free app requires both highly skilled programmers and industry-veteran project managers.  Whether you have an iPhone app in its final stages of development that needs testing or ‘fixing’ or are just getting started building an iPhone app prototype, we can provide the cost-effective programming assistance that sets you apart from your competition.

Our team applies the best iOS SDK practices, and our in-house combined expertise in design and development ensures that your iPhone app reaches the iTunes app store, and your users, with everything it needs.

Web and Hybrid Application Development

If it makes sense for your project, Discovery will recommend a cross-platform hybrid app development.

We look for ways to leverage frameworks such as React Native, Xamarin, and Cordova to make developing cross-platform apps fast and cost effective.

Hybrid enables us to get apps into IOS and Android devices using a one-funnel approach.  Instead of working with separate languages for each platform, our engineers write code for both platforms at the same time.

You have a faster outcome by doing concurrent development, without the need to deploy development costs on a per platform basis.

This also helps with future app updating and maintenance. When it comes time to update, adjust or fine-tune your app (either iOS or Android), we can make that happen more efficiently using a cross-platform hybrid.

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