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Accelerate your move to the cloud with our experience and agile best practices to help you migrate and modernise your applications.

Discovery is a cloud native company. We have worked on and delivered cloud Solutions for Azure, AWS, Alibaba, and the Google Cloud Platform enabling clients to focus on their product priorities while shifting the burden and expense of building and managing architecture, development, and infrastructure.

We have experience across Western Australia’s key industry sectors, and we understand the challenges a rapidly changing and growing business environment poses.  Leveraging our experience, we can help you navigate the complexities involved in transforming your business operations to a cloud environment, and meet the demands of being an agile, ‘always-on’, digital business.

Why Discovery

We provide the in-depth expertise and services to ensure you make the best of the opportunities cloud infrastructure presents. We have done it many times before.

Through our consulting-led approach, we will help you make sense of how the cloud can benefit your business.  We can guide you to work out the best cloud vendor for your applications and give you the tools to manage them.  

If a private cloud is your preference, we have established relationships with Western Australian data centres and networks, alongside our globally standardised cloud infrastructure operations, makes our cloud the safe and secure platform your business needs.


Cloud Services for AWS – We are veterans of AWS deployment. Let Discovery manage infrastructure and development environments in the AWS Cloud, combining our advanced monitoring tools and Western Australian AWS relationship.  

Cloud Services for Microsoft Azure - End-to-end services that unlock the flexibility and affordability of Azure in the public cloud or on premises, with full support for application transformation, migration, and management.  

Cloud Services for Alibaba Cloud – Discovery is pleased to work with Alibaba Cloud. Their client engagement, and responsiveness in Australia is unmatched, in our experience.  If you are developing for product deployment on a China and Asia regional basis, or user engagement in Australia/NZ, South East Asia, and China, then Alibaba Cloud should be first choice.  

Discovery Migration - modernisation and transformation services combines our digital delivery and technologies in Perth and Jakarta to thoroughly analyse options, ensure a successful migration, modernisation and, if needed, management of your environment.  

Project Management - Discovery’s Project Services give you access to a range of unique and hard to find skills and services that can be engaged in a manner that suits your needs.  Our expert Project Managers work with you to understand your business and technology objectives and provide effective project delivery with a single point of accountability.  

Application Modernisation - Transforming your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient through the power of new tech stacks and the cloud.

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