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Modernise, migrate, and scale legacy applications to preserve and increase value

Legacy modernisation with Discovery

Technology platforms and codes can slow down, lose support, or simply become too costly to maintain as aging technical skills retire.  But, you might not need to throw it all away.

At Discovery we thoroughly investigate your legacy application, code and infrastructure, and provide detailed guidance on the improvements that can help you to derive maximum value from your previous investments and mission critical software.

Working together with you, we can guide you through the best next steps for your existing software – develop legacy upgrades, cloud migration (with AWS, Azure, Oracle and others) and modernisation, recoding and re-architecture, simple feature development, or service and support drawing on our pool of unique and rare talent in Perth, or from offshore.

Discovery legacy modernisation services can help you to achieve:

  • Modern UI/UX and a sophisticated look and feel
  • Simplified and less costly maintenance and updates.
  • Cloud based scalability, power, and performance
  • Easier integration with other systems including web and mobile enablement 
  • Enhanced security features

After an application moves to a modern platform, businesses can go to the next level to take full advantage of real-time data, and easier integration through open APIs.

Why Discovery for legacy modernisation

Discovery brings a wealth of technical diversity and experience to understanding legacy software challenges.

Our Perth based software team relishes the opportunity to support our clients in the preservation of their precious applications, or by guiding you through the process of preserving workflow integrity whilst re-hosting, or re-platforming, or re-architecting.

During our 40 years of combined software development experience, we've learned how to keep legacy applications relevant and beneficial for businesses and can help you to get through any modernisation process, only when you are ready – smoothly and efficiently.

We drive for practical results, minimise risk for our customers, and bring the full extent of our domain and technical expertise to your project, and working to your budget.

We are a cloud native company and use our cloud and platform partnerships to the full extent on behalf of our customers.  From AWS to Azure, and from Oracle to AliBaba, we have the right cloud domain if you choose to migrate your legacy application.

We take a conservative approach to managing risk with legacy modernisation projects. Modernising step-by-step reduces the risk of a major budget or schedule overrun and you also avoid a big write-off by depreciating your software capital investment over time.

Modernisation Services

Strategy and Assesment– we can undertake an accurate and thorough assessment of your legacy applications, design and code, enabling us to develop a roadmap and business case for the best modernisation approach to fit your budget and time requirements.

Migrate to Cloud –
Discovery will help to get your legacy applications into the cloud and off your premises. With our rehosting services, we can move your applications to a new cloud environment using our extensive knowledge of AWS, Azure, AliBaba Cloud, Oracle, and others. This is a fast and simple migration option to optimise app resilience, performance, and scalability. 

Usability and Design –
old and legacy software was developed to ‘get the job done’ with less focus on user centred design and experience. New generation staff and application users expect an intuitive design, and web-like experiences. For some applications, Discovery’s design and UI/UX team can develop new front-ends that provide a new wrap experience to your existing software.

Re-platform services –
as well as getting into the cloud, Discovery can further improve the performance of legacy applications with the introduction of small modifications and upgrades in code that will bring more advanced cloud capabilities (improved performance, scaling, up-time and fewer faults) to the application.​ 

Application Recoding –
we can work to revive your legacy applications created on the basis of retiring languages and platforms (for example Delphi, C++, MS Access, VB, COBOL) or ageing technologies (including outdated Java and .NET) with the use of modern programming languages, frameworks and databases. Some of this can be automated.

Application containerisation/micro services –
gain agility, speed, and cost savings by containerising your applications, developing micro-services and exposing APIs. A cloud-native app legacy transformation will help your business to take more advantage of your software’s capabilities, the data that you produce and organise, and enhancing its ability to integrate and work with your other applications and systems.

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