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As enterprises simplify, modernise, and secure their legacy environments for the digital era, robust quality assurance is essential. 

At Discovery, our services focus on traditional as well as next generation testing methods. Our automated test solutions facilitate continuous testing of your mobile and web applications in DevOps and agile environments.

Why Discovery

Discovery offers personalised, local, Western Australian services tobusinesses and enterprise.

We work with customers to understand their businesses and applications, and develop testing solutions to improve quality, increase speed and reduce risks and costs.  

Our flexible models provide agile and on-demand testing services for projects, programs or businesses, or even simple code reviews.

Understanding the overall cost of applications testing within a project can be complex. A variety of metrics and indicators must be closely tracked, and progress must be monitored daily, if not hourly. Discovery has the near shore resources to deliver agile and continuous testing as a service.


Enterprise Applications Testing - Discovery can provide functional and non-functional testing services across the lifecycle of your applications.

Application Security Testing –
we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to improve the security of customer applications by helping them find, fix, avoid and remediate vulnerabilities at the earliest stages. 

Digital andEmerging Technology Testing – Discovery helps clients roll out quality digital applications. Our capabilities include mobile applications testing, omni channel, big data and analytics. 

Code Reviews – we can undertake an objective high-level, or detailed code-review process. Through a combination of manual and automated processes, our software engineers and software architects can determine whether the code delivers what it should now, and whether it will in the future.

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