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Integrate to critical information and data sources with our APIs


Today's cloud services are interconnected, and API development is how it all works.

Digital ready businesses need to ensure that their solutions and services are both connected and ‘connectable’ and your customers are already accustomed to integrated experiences – they watch their Uber arrive on their mobile, receive a confirmation SMS or email, track parcels and inventory, connect their CRM to invoicing. The combinations are infinite.  

API integrations ultimately lead to happier employees and customers with integrated or connected functionality helping users to get their jobs done faster, make more purchases, and engage more frequently with your business.

Connect to the world and let the world connect to you.

Why Discovery

Discovery has extensive experience in the architecture, design and development of APIs and system integrations.

We provide custom solutions and develop for the major ERP and CRM platforms including  Sugar, Salesforce,  NetSuite,  HubSpot,  SAP,  and more, and can integrate your data with e-commerce, payments, messaging, 3PL or e-commerce solutions like  Shopify  or any other custom applications e.g. direct with your customers and suppliers.  

The Discovery integration team works with you to develop a solution that fits your requirements including planning, data migration, technical support, platform deployment, QA, and project management.


Advise – Provide consulting services to help you evaluate and understand the potential opportunities for API driven integrations and how to plan a process.  

Build & Transform – Deliver the integration and API solutions needed to support business strategies and operations through POCs, MVPs, solution design and implementation, and technology platform guidance.

Manage – Apply service management disciplines to manage your comprehensive integration and API services across your business.  

UI/UX Design and Experience - Discovery Digital’s in-house design and UI/UX team deliver intuitive designs time after time, bringing client projects and API interfaces to life.

Custom Application Engineering - We are highly experienced custom software and cloud native developers and can create bespoke systems and experiences for our clients’ internal stakeholders and customers.  

Data Management - On the back of our advanced domain expertise, our team delivers professionally tailored database solutions that will keep your data clean, organised, and easily, and securely, exposed via the APIs that you want to share.

Testing and QA - Development turnaround times are getting shorter, and businesses are adopting DevOps and agile approaches, meaning plenty of room for error.  Our end to end testing approach and services will ensure your software’s integrity, on a development basis, as a code review, or as a service.

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