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Modernise, migrate, and scale applications to increase value


Discovery helps businesses turn information into insights, enabling new business models and processes, modern customer experiences, more and better data, and increased productivity. 

We work with our customers to determine the best approach for each application or system, including identifying which applications are best retained on premise and which to migrate to the cloud. 

Enterprises may choose to re-architect existing applications to a modern, open source environment or completely rebuild applications for a cloud-native environment. 

After an application moves to a modern platform, organisations can modernise it to take full advantage of real-time data, easier integration through open APIs and Agile development practices, and rapid deployment.

Why Discovery

Discovery offers personalised, local, Western Australian services tobusinesses and enterprise.

We have a Western Australian implementation and consulting team. 

We drive tangible results, bring the full extent of our domain and technical expertise to your offices here in Perth working to your budget. 

We are a cloud native company and deploy our cloud and platform partnerships to the full extent on behalf of our clients.  From AWS to Azure, and from Oracle to AliBaba, we have the right domain for you. 

Our proven migration strategies, automated code refactoring tools and access to unique talent for even the most legacy of codes will make sure that you are not left nursing a mission critical application on the desktop in the corner.


Migrate to cloud – rapidly enable digital change in the cloud. 

Re-platform services –
moves your applications to newer, less expensive and more efficient technology platforms. 

Database and middleware modernisation –
transform your data environment and enable business intelligence and data innovation. 

Application containerisation/micro services –
gain agility, speed, and cost savings by containerising your applications.​ 

Cloud-native app development –
transform your software with cloud native application development to realise business agility and enhanced customer experience​. 

Application assessment –
provides an accurate understanding of your legacy systems, enabling us to develop the business case around renewing existing applications.

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