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Mobile and device app development

Get closer to your customers, and your employees with mobile applications developed here in Perth.  Sell more and work more efficiently with optimised mobile app experiences.

The average Australian spends over three hours per day on devices. This has increased during COVID as customers and staff go mobile.  Without a mobile app or interface, your business might lose sales, miss out on jobs, or lose track of staff and projects out in the field or off site.

Discovery has a long-established track record of designing and developing iOS (Apple), Android, hybrid, and web applications for mobile and devices. Sometimes you don’t need a specific mobile app, just a responsive web site that functions like an app. We can build it.

Our mobile development team in Perth advises on and designs next generation user experiences specifically for mobile engagement. This dedicated team is equipped with the tools and the experience to effectively design, develop, and launch mobile and device-oriented (tablets and watches) applications.

We share our significant product experience, and design develop your mobile application to your requirements. Our experience spans countless apps and deployments across Australia and Asia, using multiple code bases, and low-code platforms.

Why Discovery for mobile

We invest time in understanding your mobile objectives and required user outcomes – how your application should work and how it should feel.

Our team has significant experience designing, developing and delivering Android, iOS and hybrid mobile applications in Perth and overseas for startups, small businesses and multinational enterprises.

Our team excels at guiding you through the early planning steps and product strategy, and can highlight the many mobile challenges we have successfully overcome to save you time and money today.

Our developers apply agile development methods and work closely with you to identify the features you need today, and share insights on the features that can be left behind or de-prioritised until tomorrow.

Discovery's development and deployment is proven. Our team is highly skilled, and we also understand the Apple App Store, as best you can. We can take the pain out of navigating app store processes.

Discovery can integrate your device or mobile application with any CRM or ERP system that you are running.

Platform-agnostic, Discovery will advise up front if you require full native app development, to draw on all the power of a mobile, or if you should opt for more cost-effective web or hybrid applications.

Mobile Application Services

Discovery’s mobile application services include strategy, design, development, quality assurance and project management throughout the lifecycle of your device or mobile project.

Digital Design and UI/UX – design experience achieves value by increasing adoption, user engagement and the speed of development.  Combined they help deliver useful and meaningful apps that people want to use.

Agile development – Discovery’s Digital team apply agile mobile app development methods and work with you to identify your app features, and then delivers them.

Rapid prototyping and Special Projects - bring mobile app ideas to life in weeks, not months. Our rapid prototyping allows early user feedback using high-end simulators and demonstrations to assess value and usefulness of an app or idea quickly.  We also work on discreet special projects for enterprise clients.

Integrations securely connect your new mobile applications to your enterprise and other business or customer systems.

Project Managers Our mobile app development team Project Managers will bring the guiding hand of deep mobile experience to see your projects through the design and development process. They treat your projects as if they were their own, driving efficient, successful, and on time delivery right into the App and Play stores.

Mobile App Project Rescue if you haven’t enjoyed the benefits of working with a first class team, and need to finish off or rescue a stranded mobile application project from a challenging situation, we have experience in retrieving and restoring multiple software and mobile app projects. No matter the challenge, feel free to ask us for quick feedback.

Service and maintenance we service and support all the mobile projects that we develop in-house, from here in Perth.  We can, after an initial assessment process, also provide service and maintenance (or project rescue) packages for device applications developed by third parties.

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