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At Discovery we build more than just great software.  Our experience designing, developing, and launching our own software projects and companies has given us first-hand experience in ground up digital platform and start-up processes, software commercialisation, and corporate investment decision making.  

Time and again companies choose Discovery to deliver their - Proof of Concept (PoCs), Minimum Viable Product (MVPs), and discrete in-house innovation projects.  

As enterprises of all size adapt to digital native generations being their core employees as well as their clients, new ways of doing work and meeting clients’ needs are going to be internally identified.    

When you want to take these new ideas beyond the whiteboard – call Discovery.

Why Discovery

We are experts in new project and concept processes and commercially astute. We bring the benefits of our significant track record with concepts and start-ups, and experience.  

As we like to say, we know when to borrow, when to build and most importantly, when to pull up stumps.We understand and value the capital, time, and investment decision paradigm.  

We know how to support your internal processes and remain in-step with your stakeholders, internal, or third-party investors.


Discovery Digital services include architecture and design, development, quality assurance and governance throughout the lifecycle of your device or mobile project.

Advise – Provide consulting services to help you evaluate and understand the potential opportunities and impacts of your digital project.  

Architecture – Discovery will help you plan and deliver a technology architecture to maximise deployment speed to test product market fit, and support scalability and performance using the latest vendor based or open source technology stacks.

UI/UX Design and Experience - Discovery Digital’s in-house design and UI/UX team deliver intuitive designs time after time, bringing client projects to life.  Practice makes perfect and our team can convert the most complex briefing into digital interface art.  

Rapid Application Development - We have built and deployed unique prototypes, applications, and platforms, at speed, in Asia and Australia for launch to public or internal/corporate users and across multiple geographies.

Project Manage – It can be all hands on deck during an innovation-based project.  Our Project and Digital Product Managers will back you up and safely steer your technology through the process from start to finish.  We have been through numerous lean and rapid development product cycles and can guide you through the challenges.  

Our Approach

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