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Software development

Our clients come to us with unique digital transformation challenges and business process requirements. We successfully deliver customised software and mobile solutions every time.

Off the shelf software does not always fit or, there may not be an off-the-shelf solution for a unique problem.  We specialise designing and engineering custom software solutions i.e. web, mobile or desktop applications designed to address the specific requirements of your operations and your business

The power of the cloud

As the power of the cloud has become more cost effective, and deployable, custom and cloud solutions are no longer the exclusive domain of governments. Every business should make the transition to cloud (public, hybrid or private), and make the most of their work, client and data flows.

Every business process, and every workflow, is a monetisable opportunity i.e. you can develop new revenue streams from data opportunities, or real cost reductions from digitised process efficiencies.

Good software can absolutely transform these revenue and cost equations for your small business, enterprise, or department, and enhance your relationships with your clients, both internal and external.

Design and engineering experience in Perth

With Discovery team, design and engineering experience in Perth, we can demonstrate how bespoke software can often reach more people in different geographies, leverage back offices, licenses, and infrastructure, monetise legacy or offline assets and portfolios, and process more with fewer resources.

Digital transformation

Transform your business processes, maximise the cloud and turn your workflows, data and processes into an asset with Discovery leading software engineering and design team.

At Discovery we have worked with software and applications in Perth and South East Asia involving:

  • Engineering, drilling and iot, both remote and on-line
  • Big data – ingestion, databases, visualisation, and analytics (including seismic)
  • Payroll,HSE, HR processes and calendars/booking, scheduling
  • Banks and insurance mobile and web applications
  • Stockbroking platforms and mobile applications
  • Payments – mobile, offshore, wallets and POS integrations
  • Health and wearables
  • Computer vision, face detection and facial recognition
  • F&B retail and social media applications and integrations
  • Property – mobile applications for leading real estate platforms

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