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At Discovery, we design and develop advanced, feature rich software, web and mobile applications and databases.

We help enterprises move faster, and start-ups build smarter. Discovery tried and tested processes radically improve the agility of software teams and the resilience of applications.

Engineering is our backbone. We work across the software and application lifecycle utilising agile development processes to ensure customers get intuitive, effective and robust applications delivered to agreed timeframes. Our in-house team is comprised of a uniquely-experienced and diverse group of individuals who possess expertise across both mainstream and cutting edge open source software, mobile, web and database technology stacks.

Our team members have worked in their own start-ups, for multinational corporates and government enterprises. Not only do we have the engineering and design expertise, but real life commercial experience in taking products from idea, through development and into the hands of the client. We have walked in your shoes.

Whatever you envision for your business, we can bring it into reality through clever and innovative use of technology.

We adhere to a set of principles that define Discovery.


Our clients’ interests always come first. If we deliver exceptional product and service to our clients, our own success will follow.


We are performance oriented and unafraid to make decisions and be held accountable for those decisions.

People and reputation

These are our greatest assets. Without compromise, we will operate in an ethical manner and and in compliance with regulations, wherever we work, and whoever we work with.

Professionalism and quality

We take great pride in our work and are driven to achieve excellence in every project we undertake. We aim to deliver the best products and service in the market.

Innovation, creativity

We never discount the past, but we will constantly strive to find a better solution to a client’s problems. Our clients’ best interests are our best interests.


Individual creativity is always encouraged, but, more often than not, team effort produces the best results. There is no room for those who put their personal interests ahead of the interests of the firm and its clients.


We are a small firm. We want to be big enough to undertake the largest project that any of our clients could conceive, yet small enough to maintain the loyalty and camaraderie that contributes to our success.


We constantly strive to anticipate changes in markets and technologies and we will deliver the latest services, tools and technology stacks to our clients.


We operate in a highly competitive environment and we will grow our business aggressively. However, we will always be fair competitors and will never denigrate other firms.


We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do.

We recognise that our clients have an intimate understanding of their own concepts, businesses and challenges. We complement their insights by offering them access to some of the best software and database architecture, engineering, design, quality assurance, and project delivery expertise.

The rise of cloud and mobile computing means companies must rethink every aspect of their business before fast-moving competitors do it for them. Our engineers work alongside focused product strategists and experienced designers to transform complex business problems into elegant, scalable solutions.

From government, to corporate, to start-up, our engagement framework is flexible enough to accommodate the most complex of projects through to niche pilot and proof of concept (“POC”) projects.

How we work:

Understanding your product and strategy

Building the right thing is the most important thing. At the start of every project, we immerse ourselves in our client’s business or product concept, absorbing the fundamental factors behind the product vision through:

  • Analysis - 
Visioning, users/roles, challenges, goals, success markers;
  • Validation
 - User interviews, risk assessment, prototyping, constraints;
  • Consensus
 - User flows, road mapping, tech stack blueprint, design principles;
  • Planning - 
Scoping, milestones, and resourcing.

This process defines the best path to translating your business goals into working software that stakeholders and users alike will love.


Great software is easy to use and good to look at and our UI/UX team never misses the mark. Wire frames, mock-ups from our UI/UX experts and clickable prototypes will show the first glimpses of the final product and provide a highly visual foundation to further scrutinise and consider customer usability, flows, and project risks.

You may have a detailed scope and design, or an idea and concept. Either way, we can be trusted to take that project all the way to the finish line.

Engineering and implementation

Our engineering teams have built a lot of software. We follow an Agile/SCRUM format, building and deploying working software in one or two-week sprints.

A critical part of regular sprint planning is prioritising new feature requests. We ask questions, challenge assumptions and encourage prioritisation based on factors such as value to the business, user needs, cost of implementation and timeline/resource constraints.

We go through this prioritisation exercise a lot because building a great product is an ongoing, dynamic experience and we’re not afraid of changing requirements or including new ideas.

We know that with a great framework for prioritisation, we’ll ultimately build a successful product, and we always build for efficiency, scale, performance, and impact.

In-house team

Our work is managed and built in-house in our Perth and Jakarta offices by our team of engineers. Our product is engineering, and so an inherent requirement for our operations is that we find, hire, and foster the best engineers, in-house, always.

Having gained a deep understanding, across industries, business models, and company stage, we can identify the commonalities and unique challenges of each project.

This insight allows us to shorten development cycles by leveraging proven, existing solutions to solved problems, and focus our efforts on the key differentiators of your product.

Product managers lead our engagement. Platform architects define the technology. Engineers implement software early and often, constantly refining. Great product design and meticulous attention to detail drives everything we do.

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2/28 Hood Street
Subiaco, WA.
6008, Australia
08 6111 8456

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